Mar. 28, 2017

Eliza Hilliard

On the spur of the moment, Eliza and I decided to meet up for lunch at 700 Modern on Front Street. On this particular day, Eliza had planned to enjoy her day off watching a Star Warsmovie-marathon. However, I was hungry and needed a lunch date so I had other plans for her. Since we’d been saying for months that we were going to do this, we went ahead and did it.

With good company and good conversation, our lunch hour turned into a two-hour lunch hour. We talked a little about her two adorable little ones at home (who were both at school). I’ve met both Winn and Stella and have watched them grow up on Facebook over the years. Like their mother, they are both a bit of an intellectual and that is a good thing.

Stella was recently assigned to write a report on a famous character, someone of her choosing. She even got to dress up like the person and she chose Audrey Hepburn. How amazing is that? She was adorable!

“How is your grandbaby doing?” Eliza asked. “I feel like I’m a terrible friend to Amber. I have, yet, to get over there to see the baby. How old is she now?”

“She’s two months,” I answered. 

I was having some mean thoughts of my daughter running through my head. It had been two weeks since I was able to see my granddaughter and I was really missing her. A lot can happen in two weeks with a baby. The last time I saw her, she was just holding her head up. At this rate, she will be walking and talking by the time I see her again.

“I really need to get over there. I bet she’s grown so much,” Eliza exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t know,” I said a little snarky. “I haven’t seen her in three months!”

We talked some of the new book I have coming out titled, The Haunting of a Family. I gave a basic run down of the story, but I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Eliza shared with me her own experience with the paranormal.

“We lived in a haunted house on St. James Street,” she confided. “I was a teenager, probably about thirteen when we moved in. I noticed some chicken (neck) bones in the window sill and the sill was covered with red (brick) dust.”

“That’s Voodoo,” I stated.

Eliza nodded. “Yeah, we know that now, but at the time my mom and I just thought that was so weird so we just cleaned it up.”

She was keeping me on my seat and you know I had to ask, “Well? Did anything happen?”

With a little chuckles she said, “Oh yes, lots of things did. You’d hear things or see something move out of the corner of your eye. There was one night, I was home alone. I was in college by then, and I was supposed to be studying for a test so naturally, I was on the phone talking to one of my girlfriends instead.

“All of a sudden you could hear a loud noise upstairs like someone was dragging furniture across the room. The noise was right over my head and it was so loud that when I held the receiver up toward the ceiling, my girlfriend could hear it over the phone.”

Ultimately, Eliza was able to reach her mom and dad and tell them what was going on. They all thought someone was in the house with her so they rushed home to check things out. The house was empty except for her.

“I don’t know why, but it seemed to always target the women in the house,” Eliza explained. “I know the history was that a young couple had built the house and just afterwards, the woman died of cancer. I can’t say with certainty, but if I had to guess, I’d say she was the one haunting the place.”

We talked about a lot of other things, too, including my desire to feature her father, John Hilliard, on my Meet Georgetown segment. We even joked that I’m probably not allowed to, according to my daughter.

Amber would probably say, “No, Mom, no! There are a lot of other people in Georgetown you can write about. You don’t have to write about the people I work with.

After all, Amber has made it very clear to me that Elisa is her friend and we cannot share the same friends. My daughter is hilariously friend-jealous, even with her mother.

I did enjoy my time with Eliza, though. She is such a breath of fresh air and such a beautiful young lady. I hope to do this with her again…and soon.