Aug. 22, 2019

Rhonda Green's eBook

Georgetown native, Rhonda Green, has penned her first eBook titled Seven Ways to Free Your Mind After Abuse. After two failed (abusive) relationships, Rhonda took a step back and reevaluated her circumstances, her situation, and her alternatives.

A lot of women feel like that have no choice but to stay in an abusive relationship,” she said of the situation. “They don’t have a place to stay, or the financial means to get out. They need to know that they should leave and know that there’s help out there.”

That’s true,” I conceded. “Finances are a big issue.”

I was in one abusive relationship and we had a townhouse we shared, but it was all in my name. Anyway, one night I got tired of the abuse and went to spend the night in a shelter. The next day he was begging me to come back. That’s when I realized, I did not need him, he needed me! But, he made me feel like I needed him more and that everything was my fault.

He would get angry, but somehow it was all my doing when I had not done anything at all. After a while, women (and men in these relationships) start to believe it’s all their fault and it isn’t. The abuser will keep you in line by mentally, emotionally, and, sometimes, physically abusing you.

Did you know that 1:3 women and 1:4 men are in abusive relationships? Silence… silence is the key. If the abuser can shame their victim into silence, it doesn’t get talked about. Like with me: In public everything was great, but in the shadows it was abusive… the kind of thing no one talks about.”

I think upbringing plays important role in abusive relationships,” I stated. “I know this from experience because my father was an abusive person and I fought to break that cycle of abuse.”

I had a happy childhood,” Rhonda gushed. “It was perfect. I had two very loving parents who gave me the best that they had, they taught me a lot as a child, they took me to church, and I contribute a lot of my success to their upbringing and lessons taught to me.”

And yet, you ended up in two abusive relationships,” I clarified.

Yes. I know, it’s crazy,” she laughed. “I don’t know how that is. My parents talked things out, we didn’t yell, scream, and throw things. There was none of that in our home.”

I thought quietly for a minute as Rhonda talked more of her upbringing and the men she had found herself involved with.

Did you think you could fix them? I bet you did,” I finally said after several long seconds of thought.

Rhonda agreed, she thought she could fix these men, but now, she knows that was not going to happen. They have to fix themselves. “We have to stop the cycle of abuse and these women need to know that there is another circle outside of that abusive cycle they’re in.”

I want to acknowledge the seven chapters in Rhonda’s eBook. They’re very strong and influential topics that I believe all women (and men) can find something of themselves involved in at least one of the chapter if not all of them.

1) Think About What You Think About

2) Disconnect from Toxic People and Dangerous Situations

3) Discard Material Things That Bring Back Memories

4) Feel Your Feelings, Even If It Makes You Cry

5) Fix Your Finances While Creating Financial Stability

6) Start Enjoying Your Life! You Deserve to Win at Life!

7) Seven-Day Healing Through Helping Challenge

Link to: Seven Ways to Free Your Mind After Abuse

Painting of Rhonda Green by Sarah Green