Nov. 2, 2019

Darryel Carr

Originally, I was supposed to meet with Darreyl Carr at his home in Hagley Estates, but because I had some business on Front Street at Aunny’s Restaurant with Andrea Johnson, I invited him and his wife, Sharon, to join me for lunch.

These two are such an adorable couple that I felt right at ease with them as they joined me. I almost fell out of my chair when they told me theywere both 52 years old and had three grown children. Honestly, I thought they were in their late twenties to early thirties (they even have a grandchild – O-M-G!).

Currently, they own their own business. “Two actually,” Darreyl said of their two places of business. “One is Charter Buses. We’ve had it for about twelve years.”

“What do you charter?” I asked as there are some charters that only cater to tours, travel (airlines or trains), or miscellaneous events.

“Mostly we charter to schools,” he answered. “Churches use us, as well. We will charter for whatever occasion or event that is needed. Our other business is a driving school where we teach young drivers how to drive.”

“What is the name of the driver’s school?” I asked.

We were eating our lunch and I was asking questions between bites and Darryel was answering between his bites of lunch, too, so Sharon took the helm. She had eaten before coming and wasn’t eating much anyway.

“It’s called Palmetto Driving School,” she answered. “We’re accredited with the state, the DMV, and also in giving students permits to drive.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Darryel added. “We teach driving to help people get their permits.”

For those that don’t know, Darryel is running for the recently vacated office of sheriff. He’s running against Carter Weaver. He asked me how I thought that was going to go: my opinion, as I have also sat down with his opponent.

My honest opinion: It will be close. I cannot say, and I won’t even try to guess who will win… I can say without a doubt that it will be a close race because both parties are names we know. Indeed, Darreyl worked in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff for the late Sheriff Lane Cribb. He resigned to run for office.

“I started in 92’,” he said of his law enforcement career. Michael Carter hired me and, of course, Lane beat out Michael so, I worked for him, too.”

Sharon fondly remembers her mother-in-law. “His mother has since passed, but she always wanted him to become the sheriff. Even until her death she called him ‘Sheriff.’”

With a nod, Darryel added, “This election is my tribute to my mother. I know she’s proud of me, but I’d like to see this through on her behalf.”

They’ve made Pawley’s Island their home for twenty-six years. Darryel and Sharon have raised their family there, attended church at Pawley’s Island Community Church, and are actively involved in both their community and church.

As they spoke with me and amongst themselves, it raised a question and I was so glad I asked it. Even now, I crack up when I recall the conversation. They are so funny!

The question: How did you two meet?

“I was sitting in my car and she pulled up alongside of me and said out her window to me, ‘Hey, how are you? You look good.’ I was just minding my own business,” he answered with a straight face.

I looked at Sharon who also wore a straight face. Finally she said, “Now, do you want to hear what really happened?”

“He was chasing you, wasn’t he?” I asked as Darryel roared with laughter.

Ignoring her husband, Sharon replied, “I was working for Baskerville Ministries after Hurricane Hugo and I came into my office one day and he was sitting in my chair. I said, ‘excuse me, can I help you with something?’ We had a mutual friend that kind of connected us, though.”

“Why was he there?” I looked from Sharon to Darryel trying to decide if he were there intentionally to meet her or was it just happenstance.

“To meet her,” Darryel answered. “Someone told me she worked there so I went to see her.”

“He swears we met one night at a night club and I snapped at him,” Sharon said with a chuckle.

“She was mean. She asked me ‘What do you want!’ so I waited to run into her again.” Darryel was also snickering as they shared the story of their first encounter.

We finished up the interview, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Again, as to who I think in terms of who will win: I truly cannot say only that it will be a close one. I do wish Darryel luck with the election, though, and I do look forward to seeing both of them around Georgetown.