Dec. 5, 2019

Regan Lambert

My husband and I had lunch at Castaways on Front Street; Regan Lambert came in to join us. I had interviewed him a few years ago so this time it was like a couple of friends getting together. I was interested to hear how things had changed for him. Were they better, worse, or the same?

Regan Lambert is a very popular local DJ who on Friday nights DJ’s at Castaways. Thursdays he hosts the shag dance, also at Castaways. That sounds like fun and I was quite interested to hear a little more about that so, I’m going to pop in sometime around 7-10 one Thursday and check it out for myself.

"So how are things going now compared to before?” I asked after we had ordered.

I have to say that I always thought it was just a local bar, but I was wrong. My husband and I love to come in and have lunch. I’m sure it’s hopping on weekend nights, but during the day, it has a nice atmosphere and the food is fantastic.

They’re a lot better,” he admitted. I could tell he was a lot more comfortable and at ease this time. “I stay busy.”

How are you staying busy?” I asked, “Besides DJ’ing here at Castaways what else do you do?

Well, I DJ here every Friday night and shag Thursday nights,” he confirmed, “And then I also do private events on Saturday… actually, any day that you need me. Saturday is the more popular day for events. Right now, I’m booked up until October of 2020.”

I was sure I knew, but just to be sure, I asked, “What kind of events?”

You know, weddings, graduation parties – whatever you need,” he explained. “I really enjoy it because it gives me a chance to get out and meet some pretty cool people.”

I remembered from my past interview with him that Regan was a distributor for Blue Mania® energy drink. “How is that going?”

"That is going pretty well, actually,” he said of his distribution business. “We were bought out by Budweiser with Better Brands in Myrtle Beach and it sells in different stores and places. We added the ‘Mania’ part of the name when Budweiser got us.”

Regan is a true Georgetonian having been born and raised here and never left. He pays homage to his hometown with his own Facebook page named Georgetown Shop Local, Eat Local, Drink Local. The page strictly caters to the Georgetown people and businesses. I think I was the fifth person to join when he opened the page about three years ago. Within weeks he had hundreds of members and now, he’s has over 1,000 people on the page.

At 42 years old, he’s still unmarried, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it. He believes that one day God will send him the right woman. Until then, he just keeps searching.

We talked about different things such as the Harborwalk Festival. It was a yearly event that has since passed. He shared with me that a few people have talked about reviving it and returning the festival to the historic district. That would be nice to see.

Chris, the bartender and manager, stopped by our table to check on us. While talking with us, she mentioned the boat parade. It seems Castaways will play host to Georgetown’s Christmas Beat Parade which will take place on the river behind Front Street. Regan Lambert is going to be the Grand Marshall for that event. I’m so excited about that.

It’s on December 7th. Isn’t that the same day of the Christmas parade?” I asked as I wrote quickly.

Regan nodded. “Yes, it is. It’s going to be an all-day event on Front Street that day.”

The last thing that we talked about was the Christmas lights or lack thereof. GAB News had posted an article about the town not being able to afford them this year. Andrews, which is also part of Georgetown County, had decided the residents would decorate the streets themselves. We decided to do the same.

I think it’s sad,” Regan said of the missing decorations. “The historic district has always been lit up. It doesn’t matter about the rest of the town as much as it does that particular section. That’s the place tourists come to see the most.”

Why don’t we do something like ‘Adopt-A-Lamp,’ I suggested, “People can buy their own lights and hang them up for the city.”

I like that idea and when I get home, I’m going to start working on it,” he promised.

He kept his word and now the Adopt-A-Lamp plan is in full swing. We both laughed about how it would probably blow up Facebook once we posted about it and, indeed, it certainly did.

As we parted ways, I wished him well with his business and personal endeavors. I’m sure wherever Regan goes he will be lighting up the place with wonderful music and fun activities.