Feb. 11, 2020

Newlyweds Alexis & Dalton McConnell

I put out a notice in I’m So Georgetown and Georgetown: Shop Local, Eat Local, Drink Local. It said that I was looking for a couple of newlyweds for a Valentine’s article and found Alexis and Dalton McConnell. They’ve been married for about six to seven months now and this will be their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

I met with them at El Cerro Mexican Restaurant on Church Street. We were originally going to meet at The Ball N Que, but they were so packed, we opted for Mexican.

Alexis is nineteen and Dalton is twenty. I thought that interesting they being so young and already married. “How long did you two date before getting married?” I asked.

Five years,” Alexis answered.

When did you get married?” Alexis started to answer, but knowing the men in the marriage rarely can remember their own birthdays much less their wedding date, I smiled in my deceit and said, “Let Dalton answer.”

Well, we started dating June 20th and then we got married on June 29th,” he answered. He didn’t miss a beat, either. “We were trying to set the date to as close to when we started dating as possible.”

Our order had come (and quickly, too, as it does at El Cerro) so while we were digging in, I asked of Dalton, “How did you propose? I mean, you dated for five years. How does one do that?”

I had shared with them that when I first got married, I wasn’t sure I could love my husband for five years much less date him for that long. Of course, that was so long ago and now, I can’t imagine not being with him.

So how did he propose to you, Alexis?”

She was sort of shy about it so Dalton spoke up and answered. “We had just moved into our first house together and I went into the bedroom: I already had the ring so I knew I was going to do it. I turned off the light and called her in there. She came in and when she flipped on the lights, I was there with the ring in my hand.”

I said yes,” Alexis added.

Did you answer right away?”

Yes, I knew I wanted to marry him,” she answered.

So, who knew first?” I asked of them. “Who knew they wanted to get married.”

I guess I did,” Dalton answered.

We’ve known each other a long time… almost our whole lives,” Alexis explained. “We met each other when we were in elementary school: at McDonald Elementary.”

Then you grew up and started dating?”

Alexis nodded. “Yes, we started dating when we were 13 and 14 years old. Not like real dating, on our own kind of thing. I was almost 16 when we went on our first real date, by ourselves.”

We talked a little about who their family is. You know Georgetown. Usually the first question asked is, “Who’s your Daddy?”

When Alexis told me Trey Pope was her daddy, I got suspicious. Then she told me her grandparents (GRANDPARENTS!) are Donna and Lonnie Pope. Holy mother of grandmas and grandpas! Donna and I took our GED’s together, we were pregnant at the same time; she with Tiffany, me with Amber, and Donna taught me that you can order pizza anyway you like it (Thanks Donna, I’m 150 lbs heavier now).

Getting back to the interview, I turned to Dalton. “Well, when did you know she was the one?”

When we were in 5th grade,” he chuckled. “I think I knew then. I started talking to her and we got along fine.”

Talk about stamina – this guy is full of it. He stuck by his heart and waited all of those years for his soulmate. Now, he has her and she has him. These two are already ahead of the game, too.

Unlike so many of these young couples today, they know to keep their private business off social media and they keep friends at arm’s length. They love their friends, but they don’t let them into their business. They both shared with me that their families are very supportive of their relationship, they all get along, and they all keep their opinions to themselves. Families do matter in the success or failure of some relationships.

When asked what they thought made a marriage lasting, they replied:

1) God

2) Trust

3) Love

4) Loyalty

5) Communication

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dalton and Alexis. You are a rare couple and that alone makes me feel you’ll have a long lasting relationship and will grow old together.