May. 28, 2020

Memories of Woodie Chavis

.Lardy its early Saturday morning in Georgetown in 1979. Waking up to a beautiful morning, I get dressed and head out to the smell of bread and butter from the paper mill. I get in my Dodge Duster and head to town. First up breakfast at the Lafayette. Sitting at the big table eating a western omelet and grits n toast talking to Mr. Paul McCants and others pouring down a great cup of coffee.

Then I go to Front street to Richards Barber Shop as I’m getting a little shaggy. Sitting in the waiting chair reading the latest Field and Stream, it's my turn. Sitting in the chair, Richard ask me how I want it. I laugh because he has cut my hair FOREVER. As he cuts I am memorized at the painting of Custard's last stand above the mirrors and the fact it is 3 paintings wide and trying to figure out how I would survive. Richards all done and he takes his wisk and uses Gentlemen's Club Talcum Powder on the back of my neck and I'm back out on the street feeding the meter.

Now time to visit the local stores. I visit Parker Electronic Store next door and look at all the current electronics on display. I go to Irvings and thumb through the latest 45's and pick up a few and an 8 track cassette for my car. I stroll across the street and see Bubba Ferdon at the Western Auto. We chat about a game that was on Channel 5 last week.

I stop into Cottinghams and chat with Mr Wallace and his wife and ask how Kevin is doing at college and by a pair of Dockers as I have worn my pair of boat shoes out from going to Myrtle.

I stop and feed the meter as I see Mr. Mundy strolling the street writing parking tickets. Time to buy some clothes. I hit up Belk's and see Tommy Pope in the store and of course he hits you up with his local wit and charm. You head upstairs to see what's on sale. Grab some socks and a polo shirt for tonight.

Next stop Roses. You walk in and your hit with smell of popcorn just popped and warm cashews. I grab a bag of each and stroll stopping at the lunch counter for a fountain Coke shooting the breeze with the mayor of Front Street, Robbie Assey. I just cant help but stroll down the stocked toy isle being jealous of all the cool new toys I didn't have when I was younger. But I pick up some April Showers powder for my Grandmother and I'm off.

I go into Tomlinson's and get some khaki pants for work cross the street and go to both Fogel's and Ray's and browse. It's lunch time so after crossing the street to feed the meter I head back across the street and go into Walsh's. I say hello to Mr Red and Miss Helen and order up a walshburger basket add heavy onion n cheese and cherry coke.

I get into the car listen to WAZX where Tom Walters is broadcasting live from the new McDonald's on Frazier street drop off my goods and take a nap for my trip to the beach later that night.

Boy that sounds great. Ahhh the memories. God's true gift to us all.