Feb. 4, 2021

Jonathan Angner

If people have read my stories about Georgetown, they know that I try to show the connections we have with one another. Having said that, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonathan Angner. “Pronounced like anchor with the G making a hard K sound,” he said of his family name. We met at Rollin Locale (I think I saw Jamie Finely a time a two. For the most part, she’s usually there on half off sushi night).

I originally noticed Jonathan on Facebook. I didn’t know who he was except that he lives in Georgetown. I did notice a couple of his posts so I asked if we could get together after the holidays. I wanted him to be my next victim… I mean subject for my Meet Georgetown segment.

I enjoyed our conversation. He’s very intelligent and well versed in finances. I liked that about him. He shared with me that he took a lot of courses in college that taught financing, accounting, banking, and so on. He even owns his own company.

He has lived in Pawley’s Island with his wife of 21 years and their family. Later, they moved into Harmony, a subdivision off Pennyroyal Road and currently, he’s living in Kenny Mitchum’s old office.

Really?’ I said. Already knowing the answer, I asked, “Is is haunted?”

I’ve experienced movements and little things,” he answered and then added humorously, “My wife doesn’t want to talk about it, though.”

To show the Georgetown tree, we both know Phil Brady, the Fords (Jeepy), Kenny Mitchum, members of the board of city council, including the mayor. We spoke of Tim Chapman and while Jonathan knows him more personally than I, I am still looking for an interview with him.

I’m a staunch believer in the 2nd Amendment and I’m an avid hunter,” Jonathan added while we chatted. “I like to travel outside of the country when I hunt, too, but thanks to Covid, it’s a little harder to do now.”

For those that may (or may not remember), Jonathan is one who sued the City of Georgetown for hiring an outside construction company to build City Hall (he’s the guy!).

I asked what happened to that and he answered, “We were in talks of a settlement when the whole Covid thing hit and brought everything to a halt.”

Something interesting I found about Jonathan was that he’s running for City Council. “Why?” I asked.

Well, I see what’s going on there,” he answered bluntly. “I have financial knowledge and I want to help Georgetown. I have the proper education, experience, and the know-how since I’m also a business man.”

I absolutely agree that being knowledgeable about money and financing is what we need on the city council board. Although, I’m not putting the whole “political conversation,” here, I must say, I liked his ideas. They’re fresh and innovative. I think we need a breath of fresh air in our City Council. We need something.

We wrapped up our meeting so he could leave to attend date-night with his bride. Before leaving, though, I did say to him, “Pertaining to your house: while it is haunted, I believe the upstairs is more-so than the downstairs.

Kenny allowed me to tour the house years ago and I remember refusing to go upstairs because I had the feeling it was more evident upstairs. You probably don’t realize it because when you’re up there, you’re usually asleep and therefore, unaware of what’s going on.”

Meanwhile, good luck with everything, Jonathan; City Council included. I look forward to see you around town and on Facebook.