Mar. 12, 2021

Tim Chatman

Tim Chatman

My husband, Reese, and I had the privilege of double dating for lunch with Tim and Denise Chatman. We visited for a while in Rollin Local on Front Street. It seemed we had some mutual friends and acquaintances. Tim even knows my husband and his family. Indeed, he does business with Ritchie at Cox’s Quick Lube. It made me wonder how Tim and I missed each other?

Many of you may remember Tim from being the Public Works Manger for the city. Before that, he was over the mosquito control. “I haven’t done that work for years,” Tim laughs, “But people still come up to me to tell me they need mosquito services.”

Before the Steel Mill closed down, Tim was the clerk in quality control. It was their closing that brought him to Public Works to begin with.

Now-a-day, Tim is 65 years old and enjoying his retirement. While Denise concentrates on her non-profit organization of Optimism Preventive Services which targets children in positive teaching and goal structuring, Tim gardens. He was raised on a farm and has decided to use his early skills in an area he’s that quite fond of: growing plants.

I even make my own fertilizer,” Tim said with enthusiasm.

You mean like with dog poo and compost?”

Laughing, he answered, “No no. I don’t want to kill my plants; I want them to grow. My fertilizer, the one that I make is a better quality than commercial ones. The commercial ones work fine too, though, but I’m just saying, I like my own and I feel it gives my plants a better quality.”

What kind of plants do you grow?” I asked as they brought the food to the table.

Tim produced his phone and showed a picture to me of something he grew. It was the biggest head of cabbage I’d ever seen in my life! “I grew that in a pot,” he said of his over-sized head of cabbage.

In a flower type pot?” I asked.

Yes, you can grow lots of things in the larger pots.” Tim then showed pictures of other plants he’s growing… collards, mustard greens, carrots, among other vegetables. “I teach a gardening class and I even have a Facebook page where people can learning small gardening tips.”

Since I’m planting another garden myself this year, I will certainly be checking it out: Smart Garden Consulting on Facebook. I’ve already liked and marked the page.

I asked Denise, “Do you garden with Tim, or is it just him?”

It’s mostly just him,” she answered. “He grows the food and I cook it.”

I like her contribution to gardening, a lot.

Now this is a retirement I could enjoy. He’s still busy but still in the public eye with his classes and enjoying every minute of it, too.

Several people have mentioned Tim Chatman to me as a person of interest and I can see why. I’m glad they did. I will be looking around town for him now that I’ve met him and spent some time. It was a real pleasure. Tim and Denise, feel free to double date with us anytime.