Aug. 14, 2021

Eva Knowlin (Caribbean Soul Food)

I do enjoy writing about Georgetown: the people and the places and Eve Knowlin is no different. Try as she might – and she did not try – she could not escape me.

I love Eve’s Caribbean Soul Food. A couple of years ago some people (from NC) told me about this place. It used to be over in the plaza where Little Caesars was, but she’s since moved (how’d NC know it was there and not me?). I say used to because she’s now on South Fraser across from the Steel Mill; you can’t miss it.

Eva Knowlin has been cooking for over 25 years and is continuing to live her dream of owning her own kitchen.

I retired in 2017 as a Hospice aid,” she said when I sat down to talk to her. “I also ran Eve’s Southern Diner on Highway 41 in Andrews. Now, I’m here.”

I love her BBQ ribs and the cornbread…. O-M-G! Makes you want to go home and smack your mama! I’m not much of a cornbread eater, but holy corn stalks, I have to have hers every time I go in there.

The stewed turkey wings look pretty amazing when I’m in there. I remember my own mother making ox tails, and although, I’ve not tried Eve’s yet, I bet they will be better than my mom’s. Mother was not much for cooking so I’m sure she did not put her heart and soul into her meals like Eve does.

I’m scared to try the goat. She’s also got curry shrimp and snapper (escovitch fish), but I’m not much for fish and seafood. Rest assured, the fried chicken is delicious and as far as I’m concerned it all goes great with any one of her sides… my favorite is potato salad.

Since being in her new location across from the Steel Mill, Eve says she’s been very happy, very busy, and she loves every minute of it.

If you want a delicious and flavor-able lunch (or dinner) stop in. I do hope to see some of you there. Thank you Eve for bringing such a variety of great tasting foods to our humble little town.