Oct. 10, 2021

Carol Jayroe

I had lunch with Carol Jayroe. We went to Deborah’s Kitchen over on South Island Road. Lord, that fried chicken is so good. It makes Colonel Sanders turn over in his grave. We had a good time, too. For those that do not know, Carol is running for mayor, as well she should be. I’ve wanted her to run for years and in doing so, she would be our first woman mayor (#firstladymayor).

We talked for a long while about different things… kids, neighborhood, old mutual friends, and so forth. Her husband Edwin would often stop at my father-in-law’s Maryville Shell Station on the way home from work. Indeed, many of the men did.

Carol grew up in Maryville Pines and has lived there her whole life. “I lived next door to my mama,” she said with a laugh. “I grew up, got married, and moved next door.”

There are a lot of us that remember her from when she was a banker and then later owning her own real estate business. She still does real estate but she’s since sold her company. In fact, a lot of the diners in Deborah’s knew her and greeted her warmly.

Deborah came over and talked with us for about 15 minutes, as well. Apparently, Carol and some of the other candidates are having a perliu dinner on the 19th at the Maryville Society Hall. It is in support of the Maryville Neighborhood Watch groups.

I love the Facebook page that’s up for Maryville warning people about what’s going on around their neighborhoods.” I know what she’s talking about… I’m on that page too.

Although we did speak about her mayoral run, we spent most of our time just visiting and eating fried chicken. She’s very excited about the prospect of becoming the mayor. She wants to see our humble little abode thrive and excel instead of the financial dire straights we’re facing now and I agree.

Meanwhile, thank you for lunch, Carol – we’ll have to do it again soon. Until then, I’ll wait and just see you at the Maryville Social dinner.