Jan. 29, 2022

Lane & Ward

I made my way to Pawley’s Island – Applewood House of Pancakes, to be exact. I grabbed myself a bowl of grits and headed to the second floor to speak with Angela and Amber at the newly arrived law offices of Lane and Ward.

Both had worked at (John) Hilliard Law Firm here in Georgetown until John’s passing July of 2021. Now, these amazing ladies have taken steps to move forward. Of course, the questions on everyone’s mind is 1) Why change locations? and 2) Why start a new law firm?

The answer applies to both questions. Together, at the same time, Amber and Angela answered, “new beginnings.”

Amber expanded her explanation saying, “We wanted to start out new: a new office and a new name and begin building our own reputations as lawyers.”

Nodding in agreement, Angela added, “We just wanted a fresh start.”

We spoke a little of John and his offices. To Amber, he was not just a mentor to her, he was also her friend, one that she misses all the time.

“I’m grateful for everything John taught me while I was with him. He gave us opportunities, kindness, and was a very giving man. He gave a little piece of himself to everyone he met. I think John would be proud of us for stepping into the bullpen and grabbing the bull by the horns.”

“That’s true,” Angela said, picking up the reins. “I did not know him as long as Amber. I was hired shortly before his passing, but my encounters with him left me with the knowledge that John was a caring and giving person. I also agree that he would be pleased with our endeavors

How does the staff feel about the new offices and name?” I asked while taking notes.

Both ladies agreed they were very excited about it. One of them stated it was kind of an adventure – taking on all this newness.

I asked what kind of law they practiced and Angela stated she does criminal law, civil litigation, personal injury, and a little family court. Amber agreed and shared that she does a little of all, as well. “Angela’s focus is criminal and mine is family, but we really do handle all of it together whether it be personal injury, criminal, family, etc.”

“We’re just trying to build something great here,” Angela said of their law practice.

They seem to work well together and compliment one another in their work. Both ladies did say they enjoy what they do. They love helping people with their legal woes and try to make themselves readily available for anyone seeking legal advice.

I didn’t want to take up too much of their time, so I ended the interview here. I do wish both Amber and Angela a great success that outshines even their own expectations. Thank you both for sharing with me.