Jun. 5, 2022

Harry "Bubba" Woodruff III

Harry “Bubba” Woodruff III

In light of Brittanee Drexel being found, it reminded us about Georgetown’s own missing children. Crystal Gail Soles is one (17 years and counting) and Harry “Bubba” Woodruff III (2 years now), is yet another. We, as a collective town, want them found and brought home to their families.

I reached out to Harry’s family and spoke with them about his missing person case. His father, Butch, lives in North Carolina now and he tells me they are still actively looking for him. “Until someone gives us concrete proof of where he is, I will always keep looking for my son.”

I stopped in at Beanz Coffee Shop on Church street to talk to Harry’s sister, Kassandra Bourne. We agreed to meet at a new restaurant on Front Street, The Low Country Cantina, and talk about her brother.

While we enjoyed (a very delicious) lunch together, we talked about, Bubba, as he’s known around friends and family. Kassanda shared with me that he’s been missing since February 2020. “He just walked away and no one in Georgetown has seen him since.”

Where was he last seen?” I asked.

Out by 6-Mile Crossing,” Kassandra answered. “A couple people said they saw him and he was walking down the street then he was gone.”

Do you think he’s just gone off somewhere and doesn’t want to be found, or does the family think you’re looking for remains?”

He’s just missing,” she answered. “Someone claims to have seen him in North Carolina about six months after he left, so he could still be out there, but at this point, we’re not completely sure that he’s even still alive.”

I thought about the North Carolina comment and asked, “Why would anyone see him in North Carolina? Does he have family there besides your dad?”

Oh yes,” Kassandra answered. “That’s where we’re from; North Carolina. He knows lots of people up there – family and friends, so if someone saw him, they would know it’s him. That’s why we’re not sure what’s going on.

Georgetown County (Sheriff’s Office) does not communicate with law enforcement up there, nor do they talk to people down here. We have a missing person and it’s like no one cares.”

She rated a good point, so I called the sheriff’s office and spoke to Jason Thacker, then to Heather Pelgram, and later Sheriff Carter Weaver called me. Even though Jason and Heather were adamant this is an on-going investigation and assured me no one was being ignored, I still insisted on speaking to the big guy himself, the sheriff.

I explained what we were doing and Sheriff Weaver stated firmly, “This is an active and open investigation. We have not stopped looking for Harry Woodruff, in fact, we’re still looking for all of our missing people.”

He later sent me an email in reference to his comment: On 10/26/2020 a missing person report was filed with the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office (8 months after he disappeared), by Harry Woodruff II, for his son. During the initial investigation it was determined that Harry Woodruff III (26 y/0) was last seen on 2/1/2020, leaving a residence on Georgetown Highway after an argument with family members.

Harry Woodruff III was known to have ties to the Supply, NC and Wilmington, NC areas. Through additional investigation other family members have reported to Law Enforcement as to having received information of sightings of him in the Supply, NC area. Georgetown County Investigators have coordinated with local North Carolina agencies, but have been unable to confirm the sightings. This case remains active.

Harry Woodruff III has been entered into NCIC as a Missing Person as well as the National Data Base for Missing Persons. Missing Person flyers have been disseminated to media outlets as well as law enforcement groups.

Scott Harper and I agree, it doesn’t matter who is missing… may it be Harry or another. They still belong to someone and should be found. Every person is important and are missed by their families.

Having said that: if anyone in NC or SC has any information that could lead investigators to the person(s) responsible for Harry’s disappearance, or even his remains, please call one of the following numbers. The family has not given up!

Crime Stoppers (SC): 864-467-5357

24 Hour Tip Line: 910-343-11 31 or910-232-1687