Aug. 2, 2017

Beanz Coffee Shop


I have become a frequent customer at Beanz Coffee Shop on the corner of Wood and Church Street. Jim Bailey is the owner and proprietor of the store. I remember when he first opened he told me how he got the place at a steal.

“Which was good,” he said of his buying the building. “I needed that extra cash to renovate. I had to completely tear down the building and rebuild from the ground up.”

“So you bought it from one of the Greene brothers?” I asked, knowing that at one time, they owned the place.”

“No, I bought this from the guy who runs the nail salon in Walmart,” he answered. “He tried to get me to buy it at a much higher price and I kept turning him down until he got to a price I could handle.”

For what it’s worth, he’s really done a nice job with the place. I would not have thought it possible to do what he’s done to make it suitable to sell perishables. He seems happy and has built quite a clientele since opening.

While waiting for my own coffee (iced vanilla and caramel), I asked, “Why did you choose a coffee shop to open?”

“I don’t know,” he answered with a laugh. “My girlfriend, Amy Self, works at the hospital and I would drive by this corner every time I came to town to visit her. One day I decided to buy it. I just thought it would make a nice coffee shop.”

So far, he’s right. I love his coffee and I try to treat myself at least once a week. Jim is trying to expand his business to include a little sandwich shop as well. Something that’s quick and easy for those of us on the go and need to keep on moving along.

If you haven’t been by Beanz, you should stop in and try him out. He serves both hot and cold coffee. Also look for the upcoming changes and be sure to tell him Cranky sent you. Welcome to Georgetown, Jim!