Dec. 22, 2019

Green Beans Consignment Boutique

When some people see the term “consignment,” they are indifferent, but Green Beans Consignment Boutique is special. It’s special not because it’s part of the Georgetown Community, or because it’s located in the historic district, but because of the uniqueness of the business.

I have been watching from afar almost since they opened several years ago and recently, I’ve been more involved with the boutique and its owner, Lisa Haas. Green Beans will only accept high end brands or brand names and then sells them at a more affordable costs.

“What made you decide to open a consignment boutique?” I asked of Lisa one afternoon.

With a shrug and small smile she answered, “I don’t know. I guess I’ve always been a recycler and this way it helps people get rid of things they don’t want anymore. Most importantly, though, it helps family’s buy nice things for their children without having to pay a lot of money.”

I looked around the shop (as I always do when I am in there). “Obviously, you haven’t sold everything you’ve ever received.”

“No, sometimes we retire things and I donate them to Martha’s House which is an organization targeted to helping women’s issues and causes.”


“Women who’ve just come out of incarceration… Martha’s House helps rehabilitate them: provides employment and a place to stay until they can get them back on their feet and it keeps them off the streets.”

Lisa is quite the humanitarian as she also works with Miss Ruby’s Kids. This is a non-profit organization that helps families educate children with early literacy. They will sometimes work inside the home or with a family care center to teach children how to read.

“So, tell me how this works so I can write it and share it with my readers,” I prompted. I sat down at the roll-away counter. No kidding! It kept rolling away from me. “Is everything donated?”

“Yes, even from local boutiques here on Front Street. Sometimes they get a surplus of stock in or they’re retiring their items, too,” she answered and then clarified. “And it’s not really donated… we split the cost 50/50.”

Lisa’s correct. Donations imply the person gets nothing back even if it sells. The person, or persons, “donating,” will bring their items in and if Green Beans accepts them, they’re placed on the sale racks. If the item sells, the owner will either receive store credit (which most seem to like), or they can get cash back (payout).

If the item doesn’t sell within 60 days, the owner can pick them up or, as already stated, they can donate them to Martha’s House for the women and children. Of course, that is a donation. It’s a win-win situation for all around.

There are so many nice things in Green Beans… Knock-offs excluded. There have been Gucci items, Prada, and so forth. There is an abundance of brand names and brand new (with tags) items such as clothing, purses, shoes, and jewelry. There really is a wide selection and what a wonderful place to stop in to pick up a last minute gift idea at an extremely reasonable price.

Lisa has help with the store, too. Carol’s parents used to own the Hallmark store on Front Street. They were there for years so you may know her. Green Beans is now in, what used to be Irving’s Jewelry and later, the Diamond Exchange. I have no idea what it was before that, though.

“People who already have in-store credit will also get an extra 10% off when they shop with us,” Lisa added as we wrapped up our visit.

I love it! I love how Lisa Haas, also known as Ms. Green Beans, has found a novel way to help the community and effectively so. If you pop into the store, please tell Lisa or Carol I said hello.