Jan. 29, 2020

Handbag Haven

My daughter had bought a t-shirt for my granddaughter for her third birthday. It announced she was the birthday girl on a Paw Patrol shirt. She called and asked me to run by and pick it up so the birthday girl could wear it to her party.

It’s at Handbag Haven,” she said, instructing me to the location of the boutique.

There is no store over here,” I said exasperated as I drove around (and by it three times), “Much less a boutique.”

Mom, stop driving, park in the strip plaza, and tell me the stores in front of where you are.”

There it is!” It’s the very last store in the strip plaza (Next to Hwy 701) behind the old Scotchman at the fork in the road.

O-M-G! I did not know this store existed.

I went in and talked to Lindsay McCrae, the owner and proprietor of Handbag Haven. The store is amazing and it’s perfect for whenever a gift is needed. Instead of ordering online and paying a shipping fee, or going to the beach, she’s right here in Georgetown.

How long have you been here?” I asked her as I marveled at the merchandise.

I’ve been here going on eight years,” she answered.

Eight. Years! Holy Handbags! I had no idea.

While I love Front Street as well as the many shop owners along the historic district, I also like to look outside of that area. In addition, I admire creative people and Lindsay makes a lot of her own things here at Handbag Haven. She makes bows, wreaths for any occasion, jewelry, t-shirts: she makes a lot.

How did you get started doing this?” I questioned looking at the adorable children’s shirts she’s put together.

I have always enjoyed doing these kinds of things and my friends would tell me I should sell some of it… I also sell on Etsy (Etsy is an online store that caters to homemade gifts, crafts, and merchandise). Yes, Lindsay sure does have a talent for this, that’s for sure.

I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the store. I came in and it was very friendly with no pressure to buy anything – a person can browse if they like, hang out for a minutes, or just talk to Lindsay.

I am so glad I found her. Now, instead of going out of my way or paying high shipping costs, I will be going by Handbag Haven to pick out a thing or two. Thank you for being in Georgetown, Lindsay. We need people creative and talented like you.