Happy 85th Aunt Janice!

We celebrated the 85th birthday of the matriarch for the Cox family, Janice Frye. I felt in awe of the celebration and very blessed to have been apart of it so, I took some pictures of the celebrated event.

I tried to get everyone in there that I could and had so many photos to choose from that I tried to pick the best shots. We started at George's Restauran and ended at Aunt Janice's home.

I have pictures of Chuck & Mitzy Frye, Dennis Cox (Little Dennis, who likes to be called Denny) and his wife Sandy. Of course, Pam and her husband Doug are in there, too. I think baby Eli stole the show, though. He was so stinking adorable I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks. 

I couldn't resist the classic photo of the ladies in the kitchen and the men in the den. This was certainly a gathering of generations and so much fun to attend. I am very proud to be apart of the Cox family.

Happy 85 Birthday Aunt Janice!