Oct. 6, 2022

Crack Chicken

Chicken breasts – The recipe as written calls for raw chicken, but you could totally use canned chicken or pre-cooked chicken to make things faster.

  • Chicken broth – See how to make your own chicken broth.

  • Cream cheese – Cubed.

  • Dry ranch seasoning – You can typically find this in the salad dressing aisle.

  • Bacon – Cooked crispy and crumbled.

  • Cheddar cheese – Shredded.

  • Green onion – Chopped.

 First, add chicken broth, chicken breasts, cream cheese and ranch seasoning to cooking vessel.

 Next, cover and cook until chicken shreds easily. Remove chicken and shred.

Then, whisk the liquid in the bottom of the cooking vessel, then return shredded chicken to sauce.

Finally stir in bacon, cheese, and green onions.

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