Amber's Graduation



Our daughter has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. This is something she’s wanted to do since she was five years old. Amber has had quite a struggle with being married, having a new baby, a full time job, and going to law school full time, but she did it and we’re very proud of her.

She asked her father over the summer, “Do you want to go to my graduation?”

My husband replied matter-of-factly, “I plan to go whether you invite me or not.”

I guess that was that. Neither of us would have missed it for the world.

We listened to some of the speakers as they each gave great meaningful advice. Andrew L. Abrams was the MC. He’s one of the deans and professor of law at the Charleston School of Law. The first speaker, J. Edward Bell, President of the Board of Directors, is one of Georgetown’s own. He ended his speech with a reference to the Star Wars saga, “May the force be with you.” I think it set the trend because a few other speakers followed his lead and also made reference to the popular sci-fi movie.

Another speaker mentioned that we begin at kindergarten and become what we are (to paraphrase). It immediately produced images of my four year old daughter brandishing a chair at a little boy who got too close to her grandmother at preschool. Yup, she’d made her mark.

My new granddaughter, not even a year old yet, was the best baby there. She was quiet and didn’t fuss during the course of the event. There was a little girl there who misbehaved, even going so far as to throw such a temper tantrum that her mother had to take her out of the auditorium.

After witnessing this, my granddaughter leaned back in her daddy’s lap and remained quiet. The look on her face said it all. “There was a really big game of Patty-Cake going on and she wasn’t about to miss a minute of it.”

We were talking about it later at dinner and my son-in-law explained that the unruly little girl’s father was also graduating and she was trying to get to him. Amber’s employer, Reuben Goude, who was also in attendance, was sitting behind us and whenever the little girl grumbled, he would grumble, too. He’s so unruly, but then, Reuben always has been.

It was truly a day full of celebration. Amber’s friends and some co-workers came to dinner with all of us. It was such a great night. Thank you Reuben, Wanda, Teisha, Janice, Sergio, Melissa, John, and Jess (and kids) for being there and for joining our family at such a momentous time – what a great milestone it is and filled with wonderful memories that we will always cherish.

To the class of 2017 – Stephanie Alexander, J. Matheson Andrews, Meliisa Bernadel, Jacob Bradford, Sarah Brock, Brandi Bruner, James S. Calvert, Carolyn Susan Carmody, Steven Xcorley, Daniel Dalton, Amber Daniels, John-Frederick Mitchell Davis, Cody Decker, Gared Eichholz, John Fair, Jaclyn Famiglietti, Collin Fuller, Matthew Gutowski, Alexandra Heaton, Charity Hollar, Bijan Khaladj-Ghom, Ryan Love, Christopher Oakley, Ralph Prioleau Jr., Carrie Russel, Grace Studer, Preeti Raghuraj Tomar, and Chad Toothman – well done! Pat yourselves on the back, you’ve earned it.

Last, but certainly not least, to our daughter, Amber Ward: we are more proud of you than you can ever imagine. You sure do make us look good!