Mr & Mrs Woodward

Brandon & April Woodward

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My husband and I were invited the wedding of April (Cook) & Brandon Woodward. I came with pen in hand and camera ready. With their permission, I wanted to write their story. Georgetown needs a good heartwarming love story and they were perfect for it.

Brandon was born and raised right here in Georgetown. Although, he’s moved around a little bit, he’s always returned home – home being somewhere around Georgetown.

April, being only 22 years old, is an assistant manager at Dollar General while Brandon, 33, is currently working as a pipe fitter. They had dated for almost two years before walking down the isle.

How did you propose?” I asked of Brandon.

Well, I knew I wanted to marry her and I had already bought the ring,” he answered. “She’s not a showy type person so I didn’t want to do it out in public and embarrass her...I decided to wait to ask her in private.”

Everyone knows, the bride, not the groom, is in charge of the decorations so, I glanced around me at the wedding site and it truly was simple, yet elegant. Judging by the view, I’d agree, April is not very ostentatious.

The day I asked her to marry me, she had been having a bad day,” Brandon went on, “She was sad and crying so, I lit some candles for her in the bathroom then waited for her to go in there. When she went to soak in the tub, I came in and asked her to be my wife.”

I had never seen Brandon dressed up before so, I made sure I snapped a picture of it. I’m sending it to his mother so she’ll always have proof that there was, at least, one day, Brandon was in something else beside jeans and a tee shirt.

My husband and I quite enjoyed the festivities. As all the groomsmen lined up at the front, the wedding parade began. The groomsmen didn’t care if they had their pictures taken or not, but each bride’s maid politely paused a few seconds for pictures before proceeding to the alter.

Brandon’s own daughter was heading the wedding procession as one of the two flower girls. The other little lady with her was April’s little niece. All of ladies were so beautiful and their dresses were so amazing!

April wore a beautiful white wedding gown with a traditional train. She was a stunning bride and wore her glory with as much elegance as her wedding was given in. The bouquet was blue and white (her wedding colors) and trimmed with a slight silver beaded design.

Estelle Elliot officiated the wedding nuptials and accepted the couple to the alter. April and Brandon stood before her as an engaged couple. Each one read their own vows to one another other, each one promised to love, honor, and cherish each other until “death do they part,” and then they kissed. When they stepped down from the alter, they stepped out as husband and wife.

Thank you April and Brandon for making Georgetown special by being apart of the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodward would like to personally thank all of the wedding party for making this a very special day for them and to the wedding guest, also a thank you for sharing with them this momentous occasion.