A Visit From Santa

Old Georgetown Creamery

The Old Creamery was filled with Christmas cheer,
As old Santa Claus sat high in his chair.

The children all gathered around at his feet
So excited to see the man that they’ll meet.

The one who will listen to their sounds of joy
The one who will visit them and bring them a toy.

First was Nathaniel, a wee baby was he
He sat patiently on the post before on Santa’s knee.

His chance came to ask for a bottle from ole Claus
“I had one three hours ago,” Nathaniel recalls.

Next was Sophia, who spoke as quietly as a mouse,
Then pointed to Emily who wanted a Barbie dream house

Finally, Sophia spoke up, and declared with a nod,
“I want a doll; that’s what I want. Its not all that odd.”

Dad brought Isaac to sit with the Jolly Ole Elf
Whose cheeks were as red as the nose on Rudolph.

Dad wanted a camera he said while sitting on Santa’s knee,
Isaac was adamant this was not where he wanted to be!

He was rescued by Porter who asked for a dirt bike,
“One for big boys and not a little tyke.”

His mommy was close by and looking likes she’s about due,
See? Even babies unborn came to the Creamy for a view.

Next came a trio of children, each with a wish no doubt,
Their brother looked like Ralphie (I hope he don’t shoot his eye out).

Jordan stood patiently by wearing his Santa shirt.
He was standing at attention and on full alert.

Five-year-old Codi wanted a video game,
“Please Santa,” he begged “Mom’s refusals are so lame!”

“Saying no to Fright Night at Freddy’s is giving me the shaft!”
“I’ll talk it over with Mom,” Santa said with a laugh.

Debra stepped up wearing a beautiful dress of blue.
She posed with Santa for a picture or two.

As quiet as she got up there, Debra slowly got down,
Not sure what was next after looking around.

A special girl named Nicky made her way to her find.
She sat on Santa’s lap and although she was blind,

She had the best sight of all and not with her eyes,
But with her heart and inner vision she was wise.

Nicky declared with a smile as the camera clicked,
Merry Christmas to all, especially to St. Nick!”

A special thanks from Georgetown to the owners of the Old Georgetown Creamery, Joe and Denise Christy’s and their son, for suggesting Santa’s appearance and, to Rodney Long for helping them connect to Georgetown’s very own Santa Claus, Robert Holt.

Also a thanks to Randy Wolfe who manages the Creamery Monday through Saturday until 9, most nights. He gets out early around 7 on Sunday, though. Be sure to stop in this very historical building for a double dip of sweetness and to say hello!