Rebecca Wood for Congress!

May. 24, 2020

As the primaries near on June 9th, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have listened when I addressed the many issues facing our city and state. I especially want to thank those who have supported me throughout this campaign, even if we didn’t always agree on different points of interest. I am motivated to do the best job I can in Congress to represent everyone in my district and state.

I am grateful for those who let me speak at their rallies, meetings, and debates as there were many Democratic events that withheld my name or flat out refused to let any Republican speaker address them.

I see a lot of: Vote RED

R – Remove

E – Every

D – Democrat

And while I appreciate this as a Republican official running for office, I have to remind myself that our system of government, indeed, the entire Union of America, was founded on having both, republicans and democrats representing their state.

Our system of checks and balances given to us by the Constitution of the United States has been thrown off by the career politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders to name a few. Those are the kind of people we need to vote out.

Maxine Waters has thrown out her race card and gotten rich off our backs by oppressing the very people she was sworn to look after. I don’t mention this to smear anyone, but to help you see that this type of politician is not what America was meant to have.

Like Senator Ted Cruz, I believe in term limits for Congress, as well. Even though it would put me out of a job, I firmly believe it’s what we need. We need to stop those who milk their way into a fortune with our blood, sweat, and tears.

We need to protect our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, we need to protect all of them from the tyrannical government we now have. These rights, these Amendments, were given to us for a reason… to protect us from a New World Order.

If you don’t want to read the newspaper: don’t, but do not ask for Freedom of the Press to be changed. If you don’t want to go to a meeting: don’t, but please do not ask for a Peaceful Assembly to be removed or if you don’t see a need for gun ownership, then don’t buy one. I will respect other people’s rights; their choices to exercise those Amendments.

Let’s stop this government from stripping us of our rights and freedoms to make our own individual choices. Please continue your support on June 9 and let’s change the face of our democracy together.


-Rebecca Wood, The Real People's Candidate

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Feb. 13, 2020

I saw a meme on social media not long ago that read “When our forefathers came up with the Second Amendment, it was not because the deer were coming.” There is so much truth in that statement that it is hard to know where to begin.

Our founding fathers knew first hand how important it was that we be provided the right to bear arms. It has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, but for our protection against a tyrannical government that they left behind with Great Britain.

When King George III said to lay down your arms and come quietly, we took up our arms and fought back! If you need proof that it stops governments from making us prisoners, you only need to look in recent history: World War II.

Adolph Hitler convinced the Germans that he would protect them and there was no need for guns. If anything, it was they (the people) who needed gun control and only the government need be the ones to have the control. Look what happened there. Over 6,000.000 Jewish citizens were murdered because they could not fight back.

There are still some Jewish-Germans alive today with their prison tattoos on their arms. They can tell you with first hand knowledge and experience to keep your guns.

If I choose to own a gun to protect my home, my property, or my family, I can do that. If we had the government making those decisions for us, where’s our protection from burglars, muggers, kidnappers and the like? There is none.

Another popular meme on social media: “It takes the police approximately 17 minutes to get to you during a robbery. It takes 2 minutes to load and aim your gun.”

Who wants to sacrifice their family; their children for 17 minutes waiting for the police to arrive and hope they make it in time? I would rather protect myself and call the police once I can guarantee my family is safe from harm.

It’s the same with school shootings. If we had armed police officers, retired vets, and/or armed teachers in the school, these kids wouldn’t feel so free to come in and shoot the place up. They would be afraid of getting shot themselves.

Do not be fooled into thinking that if no one but the government can have guns, the criminals won’t have them, as well. That is a big Democratic dream they’re hoping we’ll all buy into. It did not work with drugs, it is not going to work with guns, either.

In 1934, the National Firearms Act declared that all guns had to be registered. Working from that, in 1968, machine guns were banned. Outside of the police, guess who got their hands on machine guns? If you answered the Mafia (or criminals), you would be right. How did the ban on machine guns protect us? It didn’t.

The great thing about the Second Amendment is that you do not have to own a gun. It’s not a requirement. By the same token, if you’re not for bearing arms, you do not have the right to infringe upon anyone else’s right to own one.

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Nov. 9, 2019

Student loans have become a college graduate’s nightmare. These loans were designed to help a student pay for their college courses and majors, yet, also designed to keep them in a life-long debt. A student loan is nothing like a mortgage, car, or personal loan.

Most loans have a term life, meaning they last for a certain amount of years. Mortgages are usually twenty-thirty, car loans are typically five-seven years, and personal loans are determined between the borrower and the lender, but student loans can go on endlessly. Its institutionalized robbery.

Jackie Krowen of Portland, Oregon says that student loans ruined her life and she wishes she never went to college. She’s paying $1,200 a month in payments to clear her debt with no end in sight.

A retired US Naval Officer co-signed for his daughter, Vanessa McClurg’s, student loan. After falling sick and no longer able to finish school, the loan department threatened to take away her father’s retirement pension.

Many students have been burden with this robbery. One student reported that they call “eight times a day, at least.” Another stated that any plans they had for the future such as buying a home or having a family is destroyed because as a youth counselor, he cannot afford anything but paying back the loan at $730 a month.

While Bernie Sanders, Senator Warren, and others promise “free education,” that is not the way to go. Student loans can have a role in our society and our financial institutions, but there should better grounds than what we have now.

What Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others negate to tell us is that “Free, is not so free.” Taxes would have to be increased for the working class to pay off the student debts for others to make them free. We’re being taxed enough as it is.

I believe if we create the debt, we should be held responsible for our debts. However, I firmly believe the situation of this institutionalized robbery could be resolved with giving term limits to the life of the loan with exceptionally low interest of perhaps 1-3% and not ARPs or institutional fees and percentages. They need to be grounded.

The banks or financial institutions would still make a profit from the loan, and the student would see a light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise, unless a student receives a scholarship, or their family is paying out of pocket, the only option left to avoid student loans is the military.

Although, the military is an awesome way to earn a career and it should be held with the highest honor to be able to serve our county, the truth of that matter is, not everyone can serve. Saul Newton of Wisconsin stated, “I shouldn’t have to serve to be able to pay for a college education,” (Saul took out a $10,000 student loan and his remaining balance to date is $23,000).

I strongly advocate for better conditions for our future college graduates. I don’t want them to regret a higher education. I want them to succeed and excel in life. As a Real People’s Candidate, I want to see lower interest rates for our students with better term limits on the lives of their loans; I want them to live their dreams, not suffer in financial nightmares.

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Sep. 29, 2019

I have talked about Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security, and Disability leading up to the care of our elderly. The fore mentioned subjects could be discussed in details endlessly and we’ll probably talk about them again, however, I want to discuss the care of our family members that have grown old. One day, we’ll be old, too, so this isn’t just for them, but for ourselves, as well.

I believe we should teach our children how to take care of Grandma and Grandpa and the best way to do that is through example. They see how we treat our parents so its imperative that we show them the right way to do things.

Native Americans had it right. They took care of their elderly, their sick, and their dying family. In fact, the entire community stepped up and helped out. Their friends and neighbors provided meals for the family, sat with the elder family member while Sitting Bull went hunting and Red Squaw did the wash. The community helped in every aspect of their lives, without hesitation for as long as was needed.

That is probably the most amazing fact I can think of: the community did it without hesitation; without question. It was a selfless act of responsibility, of respect, and of kindness. We’ve lost that in ourselves.

Today, we have home health care that we pay for and we have nursing homes. Congress is always trying to pass into legislation new laws, new policies, and new ways of caring for our elderly. It should not be the job of Congress, but ours.

Our parents always say, “No one can take care of our children better than us.” I say the same about our parents: “No one can take care of Mom and Dad like we do.”

Nursing homes are helpful, but they’ve become a necessity of convenience. It’s easier to find placement in a home than to take care of our sick. People argue that insurance pays for the nursing homes, but did you know some insurances also pay for home health care?

Retirement homes and nursing homes are scary for me. The stories they tell about neglect and abuse are not fake. It really happens. We have passed better laws, we’ve come a long way to stopping the abuse, but we won’t ever stop it all together. That’s why its important to unite as a community and help our fellow friends, neighbors, and family with the elderly care of their parents.

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Sep. 16, 2019

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law Medicare and Medicaid insurance in 1965. In 1972, the program was expanded to include disability, elderly, and end stage renal patients. In 1983, Medicare became funded through taxes and paid through taxpayer deductions.

Once we reach the age of retirement and eligible to collect, we still have to pay for it and the cost is deducted from the monthly check. Even though, Mom, Dad, or Grandma & Grandpa have been paying all while working, they are still forced to keep paying for it.

Elderly may collect Social Security (that they’ve paid into), once they reach the age of 62. They may receive full benefits after the age of 65, but until then, any additional income can offset the monthly check of their own money.

Any attempts to collect disability automatically generates a mutiny from the government. They behave as if it is their money and not yours. There’s literally a fight to obtain it; a fight that usually takes years to resolve.

Medicare-Medicaid and Social Security-disability is supposed to be put into a separate account for us. The government takes our monies that we pay into the programs with and uses it as their own personal purse strings and at their discretion.

This includes spending it on Welfare programs, funding for programs that cater to illegal aliens, or in Bill Clinton’s case, paying the deficit with it. Other presidents who are successors to the Clinton Administration have additionally used the funding for numerous reasons. However, the fact remains, it was not meant to ever by touched by anyone except for We the People.

Keep in mind, there are no “government funded programs,” it’s all taxpayer funded programs and yet, the government feels comfortable in controlling the People. An unknown author once uttered these profound words: He who controls the purse strings, controls the people.

Candidates need to focus more on We the People instead of giving away “free health care, free education, supporting illegal immigration,” and so forth. All of those programs cost money and just where do you think that money is going to come from? It will come from the backs of the hardworking taxpayers of America.

I’m a Real People’s Candidate. I say that because I’m in the same boat the average Joe is in. I see what they’re (government) doing and I want to amend the problem, not add to it. The reason we’re going to run out of money for these programs is because the government is abusing it, they’re abusing their power, which means, they are abusing all of us.

We should all try to leave this world and our government in a better place for our children and grandchildren. The solutions begins with ourselves, it begins with you.


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