May. 10, 2019

The Real People's Candidate

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Wood. She’s a Republican primary candidate for the Nevada Congressional ticket. Hopefully, after hearing her views, thoughts, ideas and so forth, I hope to see her on the ticket and not just for it.

“We need someone to represent the people today,” she said passionately. “Look at who is in Congress now. Although, they’re good people, they no longer represent this generation of Americans. How can they relate to us? Most of them are big money and career politicians. We need someone in there to represent the people, the real people.”

“I agree,” I said concurring with her idea, “But why you?”

Without hesitation, Rebecca answered, “Why not? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did it. She was just a bartender and now she’s in Congress. She’s an inspiration to many that it doesn’t matter what field of business you’re in, you can still become a member of Congress.”

“What about you? What kind of work have you done?” I asked as I took some notes.

“I’ve different things, but for the most part, I’ve owned my own business; I am (still) a freelance photographer... I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother,” she went on. “I grew up in a military family. My husband of 34 years is military and is now a firefighter. Plus, I’m in my fifties. I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs. I know reality and the reality is we need a real person running for the real American people.”

I like her passion, her convictions, and deliverance on the policies she endorses. We talked for a bit on a personal level, too, about our kids, family, and individual ideals before I went back to our purposes of this interview.

I picked my pen up as I prepared to write Rebecca’s answers, and asked, “Tell me, if you could name three top priorities in your candidacy, what would they be?”

Again, without hesitation, but with conviction, she answered, “One of my concerns is healthcare. I’m not as concerned with ‘universal healthcare’ as I am with the policies already in place. They sorely need to be updated.”

“How do you mean updated?” I encouraged.

Most politicians are spewing healthcare reform and it’s usually about the costs, the benefits of covering all people, and tax increases so, this was a new one for me.

“Well, for instance… one of the outdated policies - did you know health insurance will pay for an abortion but not pay for fertility, contraceptives, or even adoption?” Rebecca explained. “We need something in there to protect families, encourage their growth and not their demise through abortion. Even Starbucks® covers infertility (not being able to conceive).”

“I did not know that,” I confessed.

“We need to reform the system. The government controls too much of it now and it needs to stay in the private sector – let the insurance govern their policies instead of the government. When government steps in, they dictate and order the small people around so if the government wants in, then they need to cater to more than just people looking for abortions. They (the government) are supposed to work for the people, not the other way around.

“There’s immigration,” Rebecca continued. “I’m not against immigration at all. My own family migrated here, as most of our ancestors did. What I’m concerned with is illegal immigration. It costs taxpayers millions and billions of dollars. We need to close off the boarders, deport the illegals, and help those that are here legally obtain a more legal footing if they want to stay in America.”

Rebecca was on a roll and she was running for the border, no pun intended. “Now, what is your third concern?”

“The 2nd Amendment. We’re not being properly represented, especially for the state of Nevada,” she answered. “It is a constitutional right to bear arms so as to protect ourselves from government tyranny.

“We have a senator here who is trying his hardest to make and implement the ‘grab guns’ a state law, but the local sheriff departments in the rural areas said no to it. They will not endorse it and I fully support them. That is infringing upon our rights according to the Constitution of the United States.”

The interview was only to be about thirty minutes, but she had some important topics to discuss and so I kept her talking. It was a complete pleasure to speak with someone who is for the people’s beliefs across the nation and not just in her home state.

If elected, Rebecca Wood would be the first woman elected to this district in the state of Nevada. She’s a strong woman and as I stated in the beginning, she’s full of passion and conviction. She would make a great Congresswoman who is a “Real People’s Candidate.”

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