May. 16, 2019

Why I'm Running for Congress

Rebecca Wood, the Real People’s Candidate shared this:

“So many people have asked, “Why do you want to run for Congress? Why you? What separates you from the conglomerate of people who are already there who are not doing anything for us now?

My answer is real; my answer comes from the heart, because I am one of We the People. I’m not a career politician, I’m not even rich… I’m part of the hardworking people of America who wants to see a change for the better, not just in our own Nevada district, but for our country, as well.

When our forefathers developed Congress, it was filled with hardworking American people just like us. They had regular jobs, living regular lives, and living among their constituents. They knew from living with the people and being involved, first hand, in their communities what needed to be done.

The farmer or shopkeeper would travel to our country’s capitol whenever there was a call for congressional work to be done. He would be paid for his time and travel, conduct his business, and then return home. There was no such thing as a career politician and no one got rich from it, either.

Not one person became wealthy by being a congressional representative no one took the job looking for wealth. People did it because it was their civic duty; it was an honor… people earned the seat, not bought it! Sadly, we cannot always say that now.

Today’s politicians have lost perspective on what it means to be a public servant. They’ve forgotten the real people like moms, dads, students, and what it means to pay for an education or just simply buy healthcare for their families.

I want to bring back the old values of Congress with real representation of our people’s district here in Nevada. In the past, there have been only four women voted into (Nevada) Congress, only one was a Republican and none in our district. If elected, I would be the first woman to represent us and I would do it with pride and selflessness. I want to work for everyone’s best interest and not just for a select few.

Imagine if you will the days of yore when our elected officials would do home visits, listen to what the people were saying, and then strive to better the lives of their constituents. I’d love to do home visits either one on one or in a group.

Even though I know it would be voting me out of a job, I believe in term limits for Congress. I want to be the person who gets things done. I want to work for the American people, specifically for my Las Vegas district; change must begin somewhere so, let it start with us. Go to the polls knowing that I want to work for you as the Real People’s Candidate.”


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