May. 29, 2019

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become a hot topic as of late. How it has not been an issue before President Trump took office has left me flabbergasted. After reading statistics and gathering information, it has become a great concern of mine, as well.

I was recently asked, “How is it that parents are not reporting their children who have gone missing?”

To which I explained, “Because many of them are illegals crossing at the border.”

On a list of the top fifteen most active states in human trafficking, Nevada places at number seven. We are number seven and it isn’t just illegal immigrants, but our own children included. This list does not exclude or is limited to children, either. Although, children are the favorite target many men and women are also victims.

I’m amazed that so many people in our world do not realize that it’s here: that we have slaves in the United States. There are, at least, 49,000 cases reported each year in the US alone, and those are just the ones that are being reported. Imagine how many go unreported.

The people taken are not being sold just for sex trafficking, but for many other reasons such as child pornography, labor, sex and labor, domestic work and slavery – the list goes on.

We need laws passed, we need Congress to support bills, and legislation that would provide stricter punishments and sentencing that would deter the buyers and sellers from continuing this shaming and illegal trade. Laws need to be in place and enforced to make people afraid to continue this practice.

Much like in Nazi Germany where Jewish people were tattooed, so are these modern day slaves. They are tattooed on their eye lids to remind them that they are owned by someone, so their owners can be identified, and to shame them so they won’t try to run off. Make no mistake, this practice was started by Adolph Hitler in World War II. He tattooed his own slave labor, as well.

Human traffickers use many tools besides tattooing to keep their slaves in line. They lie, they use coercion, they’re violent and often use death threats, some will give false promises and/or bondage to non compliant people. I cannot imagine the horror these people face and endure. The thought sickens me beyond belief and in my heart, I feel something more can be done to stop it from happening so frequently in our country.

I have a friend who was, at one time, trafficked. She managed to get out and she has shared with me that many politicians and law enforcement personnel are involved in more than just a cover-up. They’re actual buyers and sellers in the trade! They’re selling our children, abusing them sexually, physically, and emotionally when they are supposed to be protecting them.

I hope through election I can address this very important issue. I hope Nevada, District 4, will allow me to follow up on this and initiate change to this ever growing and disturbing trade in the United States.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have started a non-profit organization, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children in which they are helping to educate families, teenagers, and children on human trafficking. The program assists law enforcement agencies in stopping and catching these individuals that participate in the trade. To date, they have helped save nearly 6,000 children.

Another great source of information is Human Trafficking Hot Line.Org ( There are surprising statistics and information located on their site, including a phone number to contact them if needed: 888-373-7888 or text: 233733.

Let me remind you that on December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted. It states that it is against the law to own a person, to force them into servitude. Keep that in mind this year at the polls. We need to get a handle on this situation.

Together, let’s make a change against human trafficking. I am the Real People’s Candidate and I want to make a difference, not just talk about it because in the end, I’m one of you, too.


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