Jun. 7, 2019

Illegal Aliens & Immigration

Besides human trafficking, immigration is another subject I hold close to the vest. I’m concerned that the word “illegal,” is glossed over when referring to illegal immigration. These people are not “undocumented immigrants.” Flat out, they are illegal aliens/immigrants so let’s start calling these people what they are.

I have no objections whatsoever to any one person or family migrating to America… my problem lies with coming across the border illegally. If you were to look up the definition of illegal, you would see it means “to break the law; commit a crime; behavior of a criminal offense,” and yet, so many have come to accept illegal crossings at our borders.

If someone were to break into our homes and take our money, our food, and force us to pay for their healthcare and schooling, we would all be out of our minds with anger. We’d call the police, seek retribution, and do whatever we could to remove the offending criminal.

Why is it we don’t think anything of someone illegally breaking into our country, taking our money, our food, and forcing us to pay for their healthcare and schooling while so many of our own people in America are doing without? I guess the better question is: why do we let them break into our country, but arrest them when they break into our homes?

We pay for their housing, their college tuition, their food assisted programs (which are not all Welfare programs, either), and their healthcare now. There’s even a loophole in our system that allows illegal aliens to collect a refundable childcare tax credit. There’s more to the list, but that is the brunt of it.

The same people that break into our country are often the same ones that break into our homes. We need to stop them at the border and enforce the laws that are already in place not create new ones that cater to them. When are we going to wake up and realize that America spends billions of dollars a year to pay for these illegals? America is dying at their hands.

Illegal immigration is coming from all over the world, but mostly from our southern border. I recently learned that 1% of the Guatemalan population have illegally migrated here. That’s 1% of their whole country, not just an area.

A large majority of the illegal aliens that come across, enter at the southern border. Drug cartels are paying big bucks to politicians in order to get through. Make no mistake, this is not a government practice, but an individual one, and the money goes into the individual politician’s pocket. A government program that allowed or accepted drug cartel payoffs to bring in illegal aliens is illegal in itself.

According to the Washington Post, the government has saw fit to take from our tax returns and give it these criminal immigrants. They’re calling it “Individual Tax Credits,” which allows illegals to collect from the IRS who has already paid out over 4 billion dollars to illegal aliens in just one year alone.

When Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and others declared the United States of America a Free Country, I’m sure they did not mean free-for-all to illegal aliens. As a Real People’s Candidate, I’m standing behind the REAL American Dream which is to work hard and prosper by legal means.

Let's work together to get elected, not just for Nevada, but the sake of America!

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