Jun. 10, 2019

Confessions of an Illegal Alien

Carlos Garcia came to America illegally through the Arizona border. He’s since become a legal citizen, but at the time he crossed he was twenty-three years old.

For privacy purposes, the teller’s name has been changed. In spite of the fact he is now here legally, he is still afraid ICE will return him to Mexico. Now, at age fifty-six, he and his wife (an American) of twenty years, have quietly shared this story:

Snapping his fingers he says, “It was easy. You pay the man what amount he asks for and he gets you through. You know, everyone pays a different price, but I pay $3,000.

I stayed at this man’s house until it was time to cross. He lives right on the border, too. You can see it from his house. He has an underground safe house, you know, for people who need to hide from Mexican police, but you give him the money and he pays the border patrol police.

He keeps you in the safe house and gives you food and water, a place to sleep, you know, just hides you away until they (border police) tell him when they are working (what days) and which lane to go through.

There are several lanes to come through, you know, so you have to know which one to come through. Then you load up the van with whoever is going and they wave you through. They don’t check or nothing. Later, the man at the house pays the American man for how many he let through.

My nephew just came across a few years ago. He was born in Mexico and we paid $3,000 just like me, but when Mexican police stopped them and asked who had family in America, he raised his hands. Then they kept him and others who raised their hands. The Mexican police told them to call America and say we had to pay another $3,000 and they will release him so, for my nephew to come through, it was $6,000 total.

Most of my family is here in America. My sister went back to Mexico after she got all the free stuff she could from American government, but my brother, he is still here.

He and his wife came with two kids, then when the government told them they will give them more money for more kids, especially if they are born here in America, you know, they had three more.

They only stopped because his wife said she was not going to get pregnant again. The government gave them a house, free food assistance.… I think he said $300 per kid, the even get some money every month so they can pay their light bill and water bill. She had the babies for free in the hospital, too.

There’s a place in (name of city withheld) where you go to the insurance company and in back, you pay $2,500 and they give you a fake driver’s license and social security card. My brother gets everything free and then he gets to work and is paid cash by his boss. He’s getting lots of money.

I was watching TV one night and I laugh because the man that helped me come over here thirty years ago was telling the TV, “they come right through my yard all the time!”

I laugh because, yeah we did come through his yard and into his house and down to the safe house he has under this pool. Like I said, it was easy especially when American border police are getting paid to let all those vans and cars of illegals in.

America needs to have stricter laws that punish the ones letting people through and the people that come through. If it had been harder, there wouldn’t be so many people crossing over. My nephew came here a few years ago, it’s still that easy: America hasn’t done anything to stop it.”

When asked about the children being brought over. Carlos laughed and said, they ain’t their kids. Most of them were kidnapped, you know, taken from their mom and dads, brought over the border, and then done whatever they do here with them… sell them for sex, or labor, whatever they do with them.”

If you think its not happening, think again. Carlos is adamant that it isn’t just Mexico that is doing dirty business, but our own people who are supposed to be stopping it.

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