Aug. 29, 2019

Medicare & Medicaid

 I want to take a minute to talk about the difference between Medicaid and Medicare. It can be confusing to the average person. Medicare is a federal program intended for most people age 65 years or older. They do accept patients with end stage renal disease but only after 24 months of having the disease. When we are older: retired, elderly, or disabled, we’re eligible to receive Medicare. However, we’re still paying for it.

Medicaid is a state program for most people with low income. It’s also a paid into program and strictly based on a person’s income. In fact, if you noticed on your pay stubs, they deduct taxes for Medicaid/Medicare which is separate from federal or social security tax.


Medicare: Is insurance for old people – retired people – disabled people

Medicaid: Is insurance for poor people, a social Welfare program.

Although states determine their own Medicaid benefits, for the most part, it will cover

  • Emergency care

  • Family Planning

  • Children’s preventative services

  • Assistance in substance abuse (includes tobacco use)

  • Pregnancy and related issues

  • Doctor’s visits, X-rays, and lab work

  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital care

  • Transportation to the hospital

Medicare coverage (federal) determines the insurance you have (Part A, or Part B).

Part A covers:

  • Hospital care

  • Nursing home

  • Hospice or home health care

Part B covers:

  • Mental health, in or outpatient

  • Medical equipment

  • Ambulance services

  • Some medications

If extra coverage is needed, you have to pay for it (Part D, E, and so on). Medicaid, nor Medicare will tell anyone this information about needing the additional “parts” unless you ask them and they always include extra costs. We need to rectify this. If such programs are going to exist, they need to be more beneficial to the American people.

What bothers me considerably is that our elderly and disabled (veterans included) are suffering with high costs of these insurances with very little coverage, while Mr. and Mrs. John Q (illegal aliens) who are not American citizens, get the same benefit without paying a dime into the system.

As a Real People’s Candidate, I want to work towards improving this type of health care for our citizens. There’s going to come a time when I will need one or the other; we all are so, let’s make it our mission to improve this insurance system for our grandparents, parents, ourselves, and our children.

Let's work together to get elected, not just for Nevada, but the sake of America!

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