Sep. 29, 2019

The Elderly

I have talked about Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security, and Disability leading up to the care of our elderly. The fore mentioned subjects could be discussed in details endlessly and we’ll probably talk about them again, however, I want to discuss the care of our family members that have grown old. One day, we’ll be old, too, so this isn’t just for them, but for ourselves, as well.

I believe we should teach our children how to take care of Grandma and Grandpa and the best way to do that is through example. They see how we treat our parents so its imperative that we show them the right way to do things.

Native Americans had it right. They took care of their elderly, their sick, and their dying family. In fact, the entire community stepped up and helped out. Their friends and neighbors provided meals for the family, sat with the elder family member while Sitting Bull went hunting and Red Squaw did the wash. The community helped in every aspect of their lives, without hesitation for as long as was needed.

That is probably the most amazing fact I can think of: the community did it without hesitation; without question. It was a selfless act of responsibility, of respect, and of kindness. We’ve lost that in ourselves.

Today, we have home health care that we pay for and we have nursing homes. Congress is always trying to pass into legislation new laws, new policies, and new ways of caring for our elderly. It should not be the job of Congress, but ours.

Our parents always say, “No one can take care of our children better than us.” I say the same about our parents: “No one can take care of Mom and Dad like we do.”

Nursing homes are helpful, but they’ve become a necessity of convenience. It’s easier to find placement in a home than to take care of our sick. People argue that insurance pays for the nursing homes, but did you know some insurances also pay for home health care?

Retirement homes and nursing homes are scary for me. The stories they tell about neglect and abuse are not fake. It really happens. We have passed better laws, we’ve come a long way to stopping the abuse, but we won’t ever stop it all together. That’s why its important to unite as a community and help our fellow friends, neighbors, and family with the elderly care of their parents.

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