Feb. 13, 2020

The Second Amendment

I saw a meme on social media not long ago that read “When our forefathers came up with the Second Amendment, it was not because the deer were coming.” There is so much truth in that statement that it is hard to know where to begin.

Our founding fathers knew first hand how important it was that we be provided the right to bear arms. It has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, but for our protection against a tyrannical government that they left behind with Great Britain.

When King George III said to lay down your arms and come quietly, we took up our arms and fought back! If you need proof that it stops governments from making us prisoners, you only need to look in recent history: World War II.

Adolph Hitler convinced the Germans that he would protect them and there was no need for guns. If anything, it was they (the people) who needed gun control and only the government need be the ones to have the control. Look what happened there. Over 6,000.000 Jewish citizens were murdered because they could not fight back.

There are still some Jewish-Germans alive today with their prison tattoos on their arms. They can tell you with first hand knowledge and experience to keep your guns.

If I choose to own a gun to protect my home, my property, or my family, I can do that. If we had the government making those decisions for us, where’s our protection from burglars, muggers, kidnappers and the like? There is none.

Another popular meme on social media: “It takes the police approximately 17 minutes to get to you during a robbery. It takes 2 minutes to load and aim your gun.”

Who wants to sacrifice their family; their children for 17 minutes waiting for the police to arrive and hope they make it in time? I would rather protect myself and call the police once I can guarantee my family is safe from harm.

It’s the same with school shootings. If we had armed police officers, retired vets, and/or armed teachers in the school, these kids wouldn’t feel so free to come in and shoot the place up. They would be afraid of getting shot themselves.

Do not be fooled into thinking that if no one but the government can have guns, the criminals won’t have them, as well. That is a big Democratic dream they’re hoping we’ll all buy into. It did not work with drugs, it is not going to work with guns, either.

In 1934, the National Firearms Act declared that all guns had to be registered. Working from that, in 1968, machine guns were banned. Outside of the police, guess who got their hands on machine guns? If you answered the Mafia (or criminals), you would be right. How did the ban on machine guns protect us? It didn’t.

The great thing about the Second Amendment is that you do not have to own a gun. It’s not a requirement. By the same token, if you’re not for bearing arms, you do not have the right to infringe upon anyone else’s right to own one.

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