I'm So Georgetown

Jun. 25, 2020

The 700 Block of Front Street in this c.1972 photo shows Thomas Cafe, the C.L.Ford Store and more. Several of these buildings are still standing today but many are no longer standing because of the 2013 fire that destroyed the historic buildings. by Connie Jayroe-Ownes

Jun. 25, 2020

This is a picture of my Great Grandfather Robert K. Patterson from 1912. by Paul W. Patterson

May. 28, 2020

Winyah players before a game with batting practice talking to Coach Worthom(sp). Ricky Rowe, Paul Plunkett and Al Lewis waiting their turn.by Woodie Chavis

May. 18, 2020

found this great pic of Dixie Youth State Champions in the 63.. Great players and coaches. — with Ricky Rowe and Rhett Long. by Woodie Chavis

May. 17, 2020

The lower floors of the town clock were built of masonry in 1842 following a fire that destroyed many structures on Front Street. The bottom floor served as a City Market, and above was City Hall. In 1845, the clock tower and belfry were added.
Did you know that the tower was struck by lightning in 2007 and the hands froze at 4:27? It took many years and a lot of hard work for the clock to begin ticking again, but in 2012, it was once again up and running! by Connie Jayroe-Ownes