I'm So Georgetown

Apr. 8, 2021

Thought I’d share a clipping I came across while going through my box of trophies. We were in middle school so I think this was in ‘85 or 86’. by Gina DeLeone

Mar. 30, 2021

Mr. Jimmy Ereckson who was the nicest Christian man I ever met. He loved the children as seen here taking the kids on a ride on his and his wife Virginia's tandem bicycle. Always had a piece of candy or stick of gum to give out. He sold insurance for Liberty Life for multiple years and lived his life to serve humanity. Played Santa in the Christmas parade for years. What a great memory. Picture was 5/3/73 by Woodie Chavis

Mar. 27, 2021
Mar. 26, 2021

by Woodie Chavis

Mar. 5, 2021

The old Palace Theater where all the 50" s and 60's kids went for their Saturday matinee and to socialize. And of course go next door to Mr Abrams Walgreens to get a cherry ice. This was located 4 doors down from the Strand. by Woodie Chavis