Jul. 19, 2022

Special Editon - Georgetown Time 1935

On July 19th, 1935 (87 years ago),the City of Georgetown proudly welcomed guests to the area with the opening of the new Lafayette Bridge. Swimming, hunting and friendly locals were the highlight of this advertisement found in the special edition of the Georgetown Times. http://www.gcdigital.org/.../collection/GTNP02/id/7305/rec/1

Take a long look-see at the special edition of the Georgetown Times at the link above.
Lots of really good info.
Note the photo showing the Georgetown harbor´┐╝. At this time in 1935, Goat Island as we know it today did not exist. It was still a peninsula. The US Army Corps of Engineers made the cut about 1948 that provided more direct access to the docks
Submitted by Tommy Howard