Days of Celebration & Rememberance

Apr. 27, 2022

May is the National Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 1: Lemonade Day

May 2: Melanoma Day

May 3: Chocolate Custard Day

May 4: Bird Day

May 5: Cartoonist Day

May 6: Space Day

May 7: Roast Leg of Lamb Day

May 8: Have a Coke Day (Mother’s Day)

May 9: Butterscotch Brownie Day

May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day

May 11: School Nurse Day

May 12: Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

May 13: Frog Jumping Day

May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15: Chocolate Chip Day

May 16: Mimosa Day

May 17: Pack Rat Day

May 18: No Dirty Dishes Day

May 19: Devil’s Food Cake Day

May 20: Red Sneakers Day

May 21: Memo Day

May 22: Vanilla Pudding Day

May 23: Taffy Day

May 24: Escargot Day

May 25: Tap Dancing Day

May 26: Paper Airplane Day

May 27: Road Trip Day

May 28: Brisket Day

May 29: Paperclip Day

May 30: Mint Julep Day (Memorial Day)

May 31: Macaroon Day

Apr. 1, 2022

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1: Sourdough bread day (April Fool’s Day)

April 2: Autism awareness day

April 3: Find a rainbow day

April 4: School Librarian day

April 5: Caramel day

April 6: Walking day

April 7: Beer day

April 8: Zoo day

April 9: Unicorn day

April 10: Farm animal day

April 11: Pet day

April 12: Licorice day

April 13: Peach cobbler day

April 14: Dolphin day

April 15: Spiral glazed ham day

April 16: Eggs Benedict day

April 17: Bat appreciation day

April 18: Columnists’ day

April 19: Garlic Day

April 20: Pineapple upside down cake day

April 21: Chocolate covered cashew day

April 22: Earth day

April 23: Lost dog awareness day

April 24: Pet parent’s day

April 25: Zucchini bread day

April 26: Help a horse day

April 27: Babe Ruth day

April 28: Superhero day

April 29: Hairball awareness day

April 30: Adopt a shelter pet day

Mar. 1, 2022

March is Irish-American Heritage Month

March 1: Peanut butter lovers day

March 2: Banana cream pie day

March 3: Cold cuts day

March 4: Hug a G.I. day

March 5: Chinese noodle day

March 6: White chocolate cheesecake day

March 7: Flapjack day

March 8: International Woman’s day

March 9: National Meatball day

March 10: Blueberry popover day

March 11: Johnny Appleseed day

March 12: Baked scallops day

March13: Coconut torte day (Day Light Savings Day)

March 14: Children’s craft day

March 15: Shoe-the-World day

March 16: Panda bear day

March 17: Corn beef and cabbage day (St. Patrick’s Day)

March 18: Lacey oatmeal cookie day

March 19: Chocolate caramel day

March 20: Ravioli day

March 21: California Strawberry day

March 22: Goof off day

March 23: Chip and dip day

March 24: Chocolate covered raisin day

March 25: Medal of Honor day

March 26: Nougat day

March 27: Spanish Paella day

March 28: Weed appreciation day

March 29: Lemon Chiffon cake day (Vietnam Veterans Day)

March 30: Pencil day

March 31: Clams on the half shell day

Feb. 1, 2022

February 1: Dark Chocolate Day

February 2: Heavenly Hash Day

February 3: Carrot Cake Day

February 4: Hemp Day

February 5: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

February 6: Chopstick Day

February 7: Fettuccine Day

February 8: Fly a Kite Day

February 9: Pizza Day

February 10: Cream Cheese Brownie Day

February 11: Peppermint Patty Day

February 12: Plum Pudding Day

February 13: Cheddar Day

February 14: Ferris Wheel Day (Valentine’s Day)

February 15: Gumdrop Day

February 16: Almond Day

February 17: Caregivers Day

February 18: Drink Wine Day

February 19: Chocolate Mint Day

February 20: Love Your Pet Day

February 21: Sticky Bun Day

February 22: Margarita Day

February 23: Dog Biscuit Day

February 24: Chili Day

February 25: Chocolate Covered Nut Day

February 26: Pistachio Day

February 27: Polar Bear Day

February 28: Tooth Fairy Day

Jan. 1, 2022

National Black Diamond Month

January 1: Bloody Mary Day (New Year’s Day)

January 2: Science Fiction Day

January 3: Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 4: Spaghetti Day

January 5: Whipped Cream Day

January 6: Bean Day

January 7: Tempura Day

January 8: Bubble Bath Day

January 9: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 10: Oyster Rockefeller Day

January 11: Milk Day

January 12: Kiss a Ginger Day

January 13: Rubber Ducky Day

January 14: Hot Pastrami Day

January 15: Strawberry Ice Cream Day

January 16: Fig Newton Day

January 17: Hot Buttered Rum Day

January 18: Winnie the Pooh Day

January 19: Popcorn Day

January 20: Butter Crunch Day

January 21: Hugging Day

January 22: Blonde Brownie Day

January 23: Pie Day

January 24: Peanut Butter Day

January 25: Irish Coffee Day

January 26: Spouses Day

January 27: Chocolate Cake Day

January 28: Blueberry Pancake Day

January 29: Corn Chip Day

January 30: Croissant Day

January 31: Hot Chocolate Day