Scot Free III: The Last Outlaw

May. 19, 2021

This is the final installment of the Scot Free series. A new Blood Brother comes to town to determine if Mikey is responsible for the deaths of two other bike club members. Is he finally going to be caught at his own game or will he once again slip through getting away with everything Scot Free?

The federal government spent more than twenty years pursuing him, wire tapping the phone lines, following him, and at one point, through Scot Free II: The Lawless Biker, we know the feds even infiltrated the biker club. How will the new Blood Brother fair in his quest to solve the disappearances and death of two other faithful members when the FBI themselves can’t even catch Mikey doing anything illegal?

Many tell me it sounds interesting growing up with a man who is a self-proclaimed hitman for the Mob. I can tell you that it was not. His choices affected our lives and not always for the better. Most of the time, it was for the worst.

Please, join me as Toledo’s notorious outlaw finishes what he started. Mikey Thomas continues to work under the cloak of invisibility that the Mafia and his club brothers afford him. He was a man who had no regrets and in his own words, “I lived my life how I wanted and I will not apologize for anything.”