My Weight Loss Journal

When I started down this road, I began at 400 pounds. I've kept something of a photo journal along the way. 

The first picture is of me in a 5X shirt and 6X pants. In the last picture I'm wearing a 2X top and bottom.

I had become insulin resistant when I went from 229 pounds to 400. I ended up with a gastric bypass which turned out to be the best thing to happen to me. I no longer take insulin (I was taking 60 units twice a day, along with other diabetic agents). 

I will add more pictures as I lose more weight. I was told that I had pretty much capped off and would likely not lose anymore but then I lost about another 35 pounds. What had jumpstarted the extra weight loss was I had Covid-19 and lost 10 pounds. I never gained it back, instead, I continued to lose the other 25 pounds.

That being said: Let's see if I can lose even more.